i do have “spiritual” or “metaphysical” beliefs. i think most of them can or eventually will be explained by science, and that others are a combination of superstition & psychological coping mechanisms. i don’t think anything is wrong or inferior with the later category, because it’s been proven that a more “real” or “objective” view of reality has no bearing on an individual’s ability to survive or thrive in objective reality.
i do not think the existence of phenomena beyond our understanding is reason enough to believe in “intelligent design”. i don’t disbelieve, i just don’t think it matters. whoever our potential designers may have been, i doubt their goal was for us to spend our relatively short lives dividing everything into the simplistic categories of “good” and “bad”. i’ve watched a lot of sci-fi and if we are some version of sentient robots, our preoccupations should probably be autonomy, joy, and the abilities to thrive individually and collectively, to continue to discover truth/wisdom/efficiency, and to ultimately discover our own meanings for our own existence, and beauty amidst the mundanity and chaos of it all.
but i’ll be honest, i’m not particularly sold on intelligent design, not in any of the forms with which its been presented to me. i believe most firmly in infinity, subjectivity, and that there is very little of which we can be sure. maybe this makes me a kind of nihilist, or maybe it’s some distorted form of self-importance which makes me believe i’m somehow beyond caring about the questions to which so many have devoted their minds to answering. but it isn’t that i’m entirely apathetic. i just don’t think these are the kinds of question a human mind–in this current iteration–can answer. i also think it’s so far from are foremost concern, as we continue to live on an earth with finite resources and limited capacity for unity, a world in which–truthfully–the majority of us would prefer not to see others suffer and yet we appear so powerless to do anything to ameliorate our collective condition.
whenever i try to label myself, i attempt precision and therefore usually come up with a ridiculously long string of them. this is no exception. i am a spiritual, agnostic, pan-african, semi-ratchet feminist.



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