What’s a semi-ratchet feminist?


I’m a semi-ratchet feminist.  I love Black women.

I’m a 30-something Black woman from Detroit & everywhere else, now living in the great state of Georgia.  I’m a survivor of abuse, like most in my tribe.

My first and preferred language is an English-Ebonics hybrid, peppered with a little Spanish.

“When Chickenheads Come Home To Roost” by Joan Morgan was the first explicitly feminist text I ever read.

I’m pretty chill on most days, but I like to pop my ass in public every now and then.  I enjoy swearing, big hoop earrings, trap music, dancehall, ghetto tech, and speculative fiction by women and authors of color.

maya showed me who i was. bell made it plain. audre showed me who i could be. zora taught me i could write in my own language. octavia taught me i could write to transcend. nikki taught me to speak my truths.  chimamanda inspires me.  and so on.

I am single & sex positive.  I’m attracted to men, but I don’t fuck misogynists so pickings are slim.

You can always catch me in a bookstore or a coffee-shop, boo’ed up with my dell.

Something about writing is liberating, so that’s what I do.



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