Live from the Sip

Jackson, Mississippi has been the site of some very significant moments in my life.

I was sitting on the couch of my cousin’s house in byram, when i took and passed the certification of a job I’ve had for the last 7+ years.

This is the place where  I learned to truly embrace my sexuality, and had some of my most important sexual experiences.

This is where I experienced pregnancy.

I lived here when I began my most significant romantic partnership.

It was here that I was first employed as a school-teacher.

I was here when I had the first dog I cared for as an adult.

I went to Jackson State here, after longing for an HBCU experience.

I can’t see any reason I would ever return here to live, but I think it will be somewhat of a magical place to me.  Magic, for me, is that alchemy of transforming thought into matter, desire into reality.  I practiced much of that alchemy here.